Thematic Dossiers


EurasiaPeace offers you several regular publications covering major international issues affecting the Eurasian space. The result of the collaboration of contributors, partners and trainees of the structure, this work provides an educational inventory of targeted themes while delivering long interviews with researchers and specialists who provide their valuable critical analyses. These special files are accompanied by supporting maps and are available in a bilingual or trilingual version (French, English and Russian). We invite you to discover them free of charge for subscribers or at a low price for non-subscribers.

This file coordinated by Sonia Pastore (ILERI), Julie Eifler Bolander (MRIAE) and Morgan Caillet addresses the opportunities and threats to the policies of opening up Central Asia. The geopolitical positions of the different countries in this region, which are a function of variable geometry power relations, are examined, as well as the challenges facing them. International rivalries for access to natural resources, political instability and climate change are all obstacles in the way of these different nations whose relations with their powerful neighbors are complex. A dossier with country profiles, cartography by Lucie Simoneau-Hoang and Blanche Lambert / AB Pictoris and interviews with researchers and specialists: Catherine Poujol and Alain Cariou – 93p –

This file produced in partnership with the Student Observatory of International Relations – OERI and coordinated by Marie Corcelle (IRIS’Sup), Enzo Padovan (Sc Po St Germain en Laye) and Morgan Caillet looks back on the challenges of cyber in the Eurasian space , a particularly acute field of research since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. This is not about fueling the debate on Russian-Ukrainian rivalries in this area, a subject that has been much debated over the past few months, but about exploring other little-known cyberspaces (Iran, Pakistan, Arctic, Central Asia…), to provide the general public with educational tools of understanding on these new issues that go beyond the vast majority of citizens and to give the floor to several researchers and professionals who bring here a critical look that commits us to reflection: Rémy Sabathié, Loïc Tregoures, Clément Barnier, Lara Aïdi, Nowmay Opalinski, and Célestine Rabouam – 82 pages.

Sesame it is proud to benefit from a publication in a promising think tank, EurasiaPeace, and for such a rich dossier of lessons. Many thanks to the founder Morgan Caillet for having placed his trust in us, as well as to Marie Corcelle for conducting the interview
A file rich in information which is the fruit of a collaborative work of enthusiasts of international relations. In an era dominated by immediacy and superficiality, EurasiaPeace dares to analyze, question and dig into often little-known subjects and present them with clarity.
Rémy Sabathié
Cybercrime Analyst

This file coordinated by Amandine Paillette (ILERI), Clélia Frouté (INALCO), and Morgan Caillet, explores the impact of the outbreak of open hostilities between Russia and Ukraine in February 2022, and identifies lines of force in the immense space Eurasian nation upset by this first armed confrontation in Europe since the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. A work that reveals tendencies to watch in order to understand the long-term consequences of this conflict which goes far beyond the Ukrainian borders in the context of globalization which is now ours. With numerous interviews with researchers and specialists: Vincent Henry, Adrien Nonjon, Julien Vercueil, Sami Ramdani, Céline Bayou, Michaël Levystone, Théo Nencini and Hamit Bozarslan – 228 pages.

Congratulations to the whole team for this thorough work!
Céline Bayou
Editor in chief - Regard sur l'est
Congratulations to the editorial team for this very useful bilingual summary!
Julien Vercueil
Vice-president of INALCO
Glad to have been able to contribute to this ambitious and very comprehensive dossier by EurasiaPeace on the many repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Congratulations to the entire editorial team for their meticulous work and dynamism!
Vincent Henry
Researcher at LIPHA – East Paris - Créteil