Influence diplomacies in Central Asia – Update as of 09/03/2024

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Relationships between Europe and Central Asia currently take several shapes, from visits to joint declarations and partnership agreements.

Kazakhstan demonstrated this diversity. During his trip to Astana on November 1st, Emmanuel Macron was accompanied by a whole troupe of company leaders. Lots of agreements, both public and private were signed on the occasion. The day after this visit, Astana hosted the tenth Organization of turkic States forum.

Earlier, on January 18th, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, Kazakhstan’s President, went to Rome, where he met Giorgia Meloni and Pope Francis. With the ministers council’s president, it was the occasion to talk about mutual trust, economic ties, art and “connectivity” in general – meaning supporting the trans-caspian middle corridor project.

A forum between the Eu and all five Central Asia States was held in Brussels on January 29th and 30th. The “Global Gateway investors forum for Eu-Central Asia Transport Connectivity” concentrated on a short time gatherings, meetings and discussions about one or more subjects. The outcomes report notably states that most of the discussions were about the needs to integrate Central Asia in the Global Gateway project.

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