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EurasiaPeace is a think tank in peacebuilding and training as well as an independent media run by its external contributors who are all specialists and passionate about the Eurasian geopolitical zone… 

An innovative and ambitious think-tank whose objective is to identify new paradigms of thought on the resolution of international conflicts and the construction of peace based on the experiences of the Eurasian geopolitical zone.

Morgan Caillet - Founder

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An interdisciplinary training centre with a dominant in geopolitics offering a diversified catalog articulated around 4 distinct axes, complementary and coherent with the research project of the structure.




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An independent media bringing together  student, young researchers and professionals, all external contributors participating in the intellectual production of the site (geopolitical monitoring, articles, interviews, podcasts, thematic dossiers etc…)


"Contributing to the development of EurasiaPeace was an enriching experience, both professionally and humanly. The monitoring work that I carried out for several months is a very formative and rigorous research exercise that I wish to many other students. I was also able to meet many people and varied profiles. EurasiaPeace has the merit of offering increasingly complete and rich content on a region that is still little invested in by traditional media and constitutes a platform of great interest for anyone whose curiosity relates to the Eurasian zone and the challenges it induces on the rest of the globe"
Student in Law and International Relations at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) - Analyst at the French Observatory of the New Silk Roads
"I contributed to the EurasiaPeace project for nearly a year as a monitoring officer for the Central Asia region, which gave me the opportunity to organize with its founder, our first webinar on Kazakhstan with experts who shared their views on the political, social and economic issues of the country. Although the activities of the structure started in February 2022, the team was able to organize the webinar at a high level. It was a good opportunity for me to have a deeper look, exploring the geopolitics of Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries. I am sure that EurasiaPeace which carries an ambitious project has a bright future. I thank its founder for this invaluable experience and I wish him much success in his work".
Master's degree in European and International Studies from Paul Valery University in Montpellier3
"By joining EurasiaPeace I had the opportunity to participate in a great project that highlights a region that is often misunderstood: Eurasia. I had the chance to exchange with experts and enthusiasts, who have fueled my desire to better understand all the issues but also all the beauty of the latter.Carrying out weekly watches allowed me to become aware of the strategic issues of Eurasia and the role it is called upon to play, and that it is already playing in this dynamically complex world. EurasiaPeace is a platform with human values that highlights diverse and complementary profiles in order to raise awareness and provide knowledge. My experience within the EurasiaPeace team will have learned to what extent the work of sharing knowledge is as necessary as it is enriching".
ILERI Intern