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EurasiaPeace offers you a free subscription which gives you access to the full reading of our geopolitical watch. This subscription simply consists of the creation of your customer account on the site which gives you the right to consult certain protected content including geopolitical situation points. In the absence of an account creation, you will only have access to the first lines of our briefs.

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25% reduction on EurasiaPeace training (geopolitics, cartography, cross-cultural management)

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EurasiaPeace also offers you a special contributor monthly subscription at €4.90/month. This subscription is conditional on the subscription of the EurasiaPeace subscription.

This entitles you to the production of weekly, bi-monthly or even monthly geopolitical situation updates directly on the site. You thus benefit from a publication space on the site with author status. This service allows you to promote your skills on social media and develop your professional network.

It also allows other advantages: access to a server relaying  jobs, internships, civic services and others offers; possibility of being associated with the life of the structure according to your skills (recording of podcasts, organization of webinars, participation in thematic dossiers and many other things still to come…)

Attention! This subscription is strictly governed by a reciprocal commitment contract relating to the operation of external contributions on the site. In addition, this same contract comes into effect with the agreement of the founder following a prior selection process and an interview.

This subscription is monthly and can be interrupted as soon as the contributor wishes. It is simply up to him to terminate his subscription so as to avoid any direct debit the month following his termination process.

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