What does EurasiaPeace do?

What does EurasiaPeace do?

EurasiaPeace is the Center for Reflection and Foresight on Peace in Eurasia which carries out research, training, consulting and publication activities.

It is therefore first and foremost an innovative and ambitious think-tank whose objective is to identify new paradigms of thought on the resolution of international conflicts and the construction of peace based on the experiences of the Eurasian geopolitical zone. .

Its global interdisciplinary research project therefore brings together several disciplines: anthropology, geopolitics, economics, law, history, border studies and political science.

The project also attempts to combine this academic knowledges with the empirical knowledges of professionals who can practice in the sectors of humanitarianism, crisis management, politics, defence and security, ecology, art and culture. They can also be community and religious leaders, actors from the associative and human rights sector.

EurasiaPeace therefore proposes to highlight various approaches and actions in terms of conflict resolution while promoting a decentering of views embedded in power relations and particular interests served by conflicting dynamics.

Its theoretical framework promotes an interactionist approach, in the socio-anthropological sense, to international relations. It is at the crossroads of anthropology, including the study of borders, and geopolitics considered as a separate branch of political science.

EurasiaPeace is also an interdisciplinary training center offering short distance or on-site courses for students and professionals in the following fields: geopolitics, cartography, cross-cultural management and security.

Finally, EurasiaPeace is also a website offering a space for publishing and disseminating analyzes in the form of geopolitical monitoring, articles, interviews, reports and thematic files aimed at both the general public and of a more specialized audience. This site is also designed as an international platform for promoting skills and developing a network for a growing number of French or foreign students, young researchers or professionals,