Situation in Karabakh – Update as of 01/12/23

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Following the visit of the EU delegation to Armenia between 27 and 29 November a press release was published announcing reinforced EU investments in the fields of energy, transport, digital, and research and innovation in a way that “meets the immediate needs and enables the integration of Armenians displaced from Karabakh, as well as to strengthen Armenia’s economic and social resilience in the long term”. Future areas of cooperation concern justice and police, migration and mobility, security and defence. A dialogue regarding visa liberalisation and cooperation between Armenia and the Frontex agency are also envisaged.

The Armenian Foreign Minister, Ararat Mirzoyan, took advantage of his stay in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, where the OSCE ministerial summit was held on 30 November and 1st December, to inveigh his Azerbaijani neighbour by denouncing “nine months of inhumane siege” and a “massive forced displacement of its [Nagorno-Karabakh] indigenous population.” But beyond that he seriously accused Azerbaijan in these terms: Today, the entire sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia has become the target of our neighbour who persists in only wanting to use “the cards of the general staff of the USSR from 1974-78” for the official delimitation of the border between the two countries, which are, without a doubt, to the advantage of Armenia. He simultaneously reiterated his concept of “Crossroads of Peace.”

It is noted that Armenia was absent from the 23 November CSTO summit in Minsk and the 11th meeting of the secretaries of the Security Councils of the CIS member states, while it hosted from 18 to 20 November the 21st autumn meeting of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly from which Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey were absent.

Armenia has, moreover, received the first batch of French “Bastion” armoured personnel carriers manufactured by Arquus Defense / ACMAT, according to several messages appearing

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