Russian Diplomacy in Africa and Asia – Update on 12/04/24

The files we follow: Russian diplomacy in Africa and Asia; History, culture, society and Russian soft power; North Caucasus: politics, society and human rights.

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On the 8th of April, Sergey Vershinin, a deputy Minister for Russian Foreign affairs, held talks with Boumediene Gennad, the Algerian ambassador to Moscow. The two men mainly discussed the security issues in Maghreb and West Africa, but also and more importantly, their cooperation with the United Nations. Algeria currently holds a temporary seat at the Security Council, that it will maintain until the 31st of December, 2025. Thus, because of its affinity with Moscow, but also regarding its application to the BRICS+, Algeria is full of potential, according to the Kremlin. This also explains the increasing attempts at cooperating with Algiers.

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