Ukrainian domestic policy – Update on 29/09/2023

The files we follow: Ukrainian domestic policy; Foreign policy and domestic policy of Belarus; Foreign policy of the Balkan countries and their relations with the EU.

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According to the press release of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, the volume of grain exports from Ukraine in the 2023/24 crop year as of September 29 amounted to 1.95 million tons, which is the half of that of the same month last season (4.28 million tons).

Thus, 1.2 million tonnes of wheat were shipped during the first month of autumn, 30% less than last year’s volume. Barley supplies to foreign markets amounted to 115,000 tons (-73% by September 2022). 0.1 thousand tons of rye were shipped, compared to 3.4 thousand tons in September last year. 595,000 tons of corn were exported, 3.5 times less than the shipments of September last year (2.1 million tons).

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