Situation in Karabakh – Update as of 24/12/23

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Samvel Shahramanian, who was sworn in on 10 September as “president of Nagorno-Karabakh”, according to several local media relaying the words of his advisor Vladimir Grigorian, (Azatutyun; Pastinfo; Haqqin; OC Media, Information Centre of Artsakh) invalidated the 19 October decree dissolving all self-proclaimed government bodies in the enclave. According to the latter, “this means that the Republic of Artsakh, its government and other bodies [all now based in Yerevan in neighbouring Armenia] will continue to function after 2023.” The former “minister of state” and mediator, Artak Beglarian, even declared the day before that the said decree was “unconstitutional”.

Positions which are sources of friction with the Armenian government which wishes to avoid providing Azerbaijan with any pretext whatsoever for a direct threat against its territorial integrity as recently explained by MP Gevorg Papoyan and the President of Parliament Alen Simonian.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian had already very recently described the dissolution as “inevitable”, explaining that “30 years of time and resources” had been “wasted on a problem that was insoluble from the start”.

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