Karabakh Conflict Resolution Process – Update as of 16/06/23

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Following the meeting of the trilateral working group of deputy prime ministers of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia on 2 June in Moscow marked, according to the Russian government, by “a constructive atmosphere“, and which would have made it possible to achieve a common agreement “concerning the implementation of concrete measures to restore and organize rail communication along the Yeraskh – Julfa – Meghri – Horadiz route” confirmed by the Armenian side, the exchanges of 4 and 5 June between the Secretary of the Armenian security Council Armen Grigorian and the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry have revealed persistent differences. If the first declared: “We have made some progress concerning the delimitation of the borders compared to the 1975 map, but we cannot say that the question is definitively resolved”, for the second: “instead of insisting on special reference to a map from 1975, it would be more useful for the Armenian side to start the delimitation work” because according to him “thanks to its international experience, unlike Armenia, the delimitation process of Azerbaijan with some of its neighbours was not conducted on the basis of a specially selected map, but on the basis of the analysis and examination of all legally significant documents [and] it [would] also be possible to apply this experience with Armenia“. On the same day, according to Armenpress, the Armenian Foreign Minister reportedly said: “We believe that recognizing each other’s territorial integrity with the 1975 map and starting negotiations on this basis would be an acceptable solution for the Republic of Armenia. But there is no final agreement on a specific map”.

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