History, culture, society and Russian soft power – Update on 15/01/24

The files we follow:Russian diplomacy in Africa and Asia; History, culture, society and Russian soft power; North Caucasus: politics, society and human rights.

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Since it began airing in November 2023, the Russian series Slovo Patsana (The Boy’s Word) has established itself as a strong new cultural reference for young people (over a million viewers in three days). In Russia, the title of the series represents the most widespread Internet search (even, according to Yandex data, from November 9 to December 6, the search was carried out on their portal by 45 million users, a figure so far higher than the requests for the war in Ukraine over the past year, just over 32 million), while on the Kinopoisk database of popular films, Slovo Patsana has already reached fourth place in the index of all-time favorites, surpassing classics such as The Sopranos or Friends.

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