Various foreign policies : Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia – Update on 04/04/23 (Updated 07/04)

– On 29 March, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Djeyhoun Bayramov paid an official visit to the State of Israel where he met, among other things, resident Isaac Herzog, Israeli Foreign Minister informed that Azerbaijan has opened an embassy on the same day stating, “Azerbaijan is a Muslim country, and its strategic location gives the relationship between us great importance and great potential. Israel and Azerbaijan share the same perception of the Iranian threat. The regime of the Iranian ayatollahs threatens our two regions, finances terrorism and destabilizes the entire Middle East. We must act together to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear capabilities”. Azerbaijan’s first ambassador to Israel, Mukhtar Mammadov, presented his credentials to President Isaac Herzog. Djeyhoun Bayramov also visited the Yad Vashem memorial complex.

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