The month of March in Central Asia in a nutshell…

Central Asia Watch Team : Alexiane PradierMaxime DelayeLucien MoreelsSophie MarcAudrey ColinMarion Bretton et Julie Eifler-Bolander.

The files we follow : Multi-vector policies in Central Asia; Mongolia and Central Asia/South-East Asia relations; New Silk Roads;  Resources, energy, raw materials and environment; Security, Defence and Border Conflicts; Humanitarian and development aid; Kyrgyz, Tajik and Turkmen internal policy; Other forms of international cooperation in the area;  Culture and religions in Central Asia…

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March was an eventful month in terms of strengthening of regional and international cooperations, but also in terms of cultural celebrations. However, several violations of Human Rights are still observed in the region.

First of all, links between Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan were strengthened during the 17th Intergovernmental Commission for trade, economic, scientific, technic and cultural cooperation and later during political consultations between their two Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

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