The month of March in Eastern Europe in a nutshell…

Eastern Europe monitoring team : Séverine Ly, Vladimir Krsmanovic, Olivier HussonClaire Aréthuse, Olga ChekhurskaValérian Cerino, Sarah Wilpotte, Fiona BessioudElisabeth Nagy

The files we follow: Ukrainian domestic policy ; EU-Ukraine relations and Ukraine/Russia conflict resolution process; Foreign policy of Belarus, Russian army in Belarus and Belarus-Ukraine relationship ; United Transitional Cabinet of Free Belarus and the Belarusian diaspora; Domestic Policy of Belarus and political prisoners ; Safe point in Ukraine ; Political situation in Crimea and the “Donbass republics” in the context of the war in Ukraine; Situation in Transnistria/ Moldova; EU-Balkan relations; Foreign policies of Kosovo, Serbia and Albania; Human rights and the fight against corruption in Eastern Europe; Energy, nuclear and renewable energy issues in Eastern Europe.

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The leader of the opposition United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya toured many countries in March. She visited the UK at the beginning of the month to meet Members of Parliament including Boris Johnson. She then traveled to the United States to make the case for a free Belarus to the Americans. Freedom Day in Belarus, 25 March, was celebrated around the world by the Belarusian diaspora and beyond.

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