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Nathalie Gigounova Komarova born in 1963 is a linguist, translator and writer of Russian origin. She speaks eight languages. She specializes in popular idioms and expressions that she compares from one country to another. She is a doctor in philology and sociology, scientific researcher, professor in linguistic and socio-cultural education (in 2002). She is a translator from Russian (tales of Natania). She writes her own books in French. She is also the founder of the International Development Perspectives Platform (PPDI).

“Russian humor is more than humor, it’s a state of mind”




Anecdote has a special meaning in Russian. It’s not about the little story revealing the underside of things but rather a little story invented to make fun of realities and which allows to tackle head-on, to ask questions.

We know black humour, English humour, Jewish stories, Belgian jokes… but do we know that the Russians, throughout their moving and turbulent history, have developed a remarkable and singular form of humour? ?

Russian humour is one of the most important forms of verbal popular culture but, alas, almost none of its rich traditions have been exported to the West. Undeniably, the rest of the world has missed something….

This first non-exhaustive collection fills this gap by finally highlighting a humour that is sometimes pungent, acerbic, and full of self-mockery. Razor sharp humor…

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