Podcast #3 – Russian humour – Interview with Natalia Gigounova Komarova

Nathalie Gigounova Komarova born in 1963 is a linguist, translator and writer of Russian origin. She speaks eight languages. She specializes in popular idioms and expressions that she compares from one country to another. She is a doctor in philology and sociology, scientific researcher, professor in linguistic and socio-cultural education (in 2002). She is a translator from Russian (tales of Natania). She writes her own books in French. She is also the founder of the International Development Perspectives Platform (PPDI).

We talk with her about the Russian state of mind, the geography of Russian humour, intercultural dialogue, the difficulties of translation, Mikhail Zadornov, Faina Ranevskaya, Mikhail Zvanetsky and others, the political humor during the USSR, “Armenian radio”, trends imported from Europe, Putin, the climatic influences of Russian territory on humour…


An exciting interview against common beliefs directed by Yuliana Glazunova with the assistance of Olivier Husson and Morgan Caillet!!!



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