Karabakh Conflict Resolution Process – Update as of 02/06/23

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Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliev’s speech on 28 May in Lachin that “a peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia is possible if they say: Karabakh is Azerbaijan! […] If it [the peace treaty] is signed, that is fine, but even if it is not signed, the Azerbaijani state cannot have any problems because of it. Because we are the strongest camp, it is we who have a strong position at the negotiating table, it is we who have a strong position at the border. Even if the peace treaty is not signed, we will live comfortably and safely. […] The border post established at the border on 23 April should be a lesson for the Armenians living today in the Karabakh region. […] the book of separatism is closed. […] Therefore, there is only one option left: to obey the laws of Azerbaijan, to be a loyal and normal Azerbaijani citizen, toss the false attributes of the state in the trash and dissolve the “parliament”. […] We are just patient. However, everyone knows perfectly well that today we have every chance of carrying out any operation in this region. […] Therefore, the “parliament” must be dissolved, the element that calls itself “president” must surrender, all “ministers”, “deputies” and others must relinquish their functions. Only then can a concession be made to them. It is only in this case that one can speak of amnesty” has been the subject of numerous criticisms from the opposing party.

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