Iranian foreign policy – Update as of 02/04/2024

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On  1st April, an air strike attributed to the Israeli army hit the consular building of the Iranian embassy in Damascus, killing at least seven people, including two senior members of the Islamic Revolutionary guard corps’s unit, according to several local media (iranintl, tehrantimes, ifpnews). They included General Zahedi, head of the Al-Quds Force in Lebanon and Syria, and General Aminallah, chief of staff of the same elite unit.

Following this event, several members of the Islamic Republic’s government spoke out and strongly condemned the attack. President Ebrahim Raissi described the alleged Tsahal offensive as “inhuman aggression“, and stated that the operation [is] in clear violation of international regulations“. The Supreme Leader and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei himself guaranteed Israel a major response: “We will make them regret this crime and others like it“. On the one hand, these statements are a direct reaction to the events affecting the embassy in Syria, but more generally they are part of a context of heightened tensions with the Jewish State.

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