Iran Geopolitical Watch – From January 4 to January 7, 2023

Iran Geopolitical Watch Team: Daniel Marco and Marie Corcelle

This week: Death of former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, Iran’s Supreme Leader decides to release arrested anti-government protesters, Wikipedia back online in Pakistan after days of being blocked for “blasphemous content”, Pakistan says it accepts IMF conditions to release $1.1 billion payment.



02/05/2023: Death of former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf – Marie Corcelle – 

Pervez Musharraf (1943- 2023), head of Pakistan after a coup d’état in 1999 and until 2008, died at the age of 79 following a long illness in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), where he lived in exile.

This senior military officer (4S general) had made Pakistan a key ally of Washington in its fight against terrorism following the attacks on the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001.

Under his leadership, the country has seen a significant increase in economic growth (GDP from about $63 billion to about $152 billion in 2007 according to the World Bank) and the emergence of a middle class.

From 2007 onwards, President Musharraf’s popularity fell. That year, he decided to dismiss one of the

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