Conflict Abkhazia and South Ossetia / Georgia – Update on 28/05/23

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The “minister of Foreign Affairs” in Abkhazia, Inal Ardzinba, has affirmed that the “priority [remained] the intensification of all diplomatic tracks with the Russian Federation”. In addition, the abolition of the visa regile between Georgia and Russia seems to have been discussed between russian and abkhaz administrations. This decision “[haven’t affected] relationships between Abkhazia and Russian Federation” according to Inal Ardzinba. Moreover, the abkhaz “minister” has “called the development of relations with Belarus the most important strategic direction of Abkhazia’s foreign policy while having supported a strategic reinforcement with “partners from Syria, Palestine, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Yemen and other countries” without forgetting Latin America and african States.

This dual orientation of an intensification of ties with Russia without forgetting the strengthening of international cooperation was once again visible in the news.

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