Chinese military and the Taiwan Strait – Update up to 31/01/2024

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– Temporary “moderation” in the Taiwan Strait

The situation in the Taiwan Strait has been characterised by relative calm despite the election of a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate, William Lai, as Taiwan’s new president – which is explicitly less inclined to bow to Chinese demands than his Kuomintang counterparts.

Since 13 January, the date of the island’s presidential and legislative elections, Chinese aircraft and ships have continued to patrol the waters around the island – some crossing the median line of the Strait – but their numbers have remained similar to those recorded in previous months. Even the sailing of the US destroyer USS John Finn through the Strait on 24 January did not provoke a virulent response from China, which confined itself to denouncing the American “media hype” surrounding the event – and not the sailing itself.

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