China Watch – Highlights of summer 2023

Welcome to EurasiaPeace China Watch! After a two-month summer hiatus, our editors return to offer you regular updates on Chinese geopolitical news. But first, to start the year off right, here is a summary of the key events in the news related to China in the summer of 2023.

The files we follow: China in the Indo-Pacific; China’s political and commercial engagement in Africa; Chinese defense and the Taiwan Strait; China and Eastern Europe…


– Kissinger’s visit to China

Former senior American official and analyst Henry Kissinger traveled to Beijing in July 2023 to meet key figures in the Chinese state. On July 18, he first spoke with Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu. The responses remained polite on the Chinese side, with Li affirming that China has “always committed to establishing stable, predictable and constructive China-US relations.”

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