Unified Transitional Cabinet of Free Belarus and Belarusian Diaspora – Update on 21/05/23

The issues we follow: Ukrainian domestic politics; Ukraine and the Ukraine/Russia conflict resolution process; Belarusian foreign policy, Russian army in Belarus and Belarus-Ukraine relations; Unified Transitional Cabinet of Free Belarus and Belarusian Diaspora; Belarusian domestic politics and political prisoners; Security situation in Ukraine; Political situation in Crimea and the “Donbass republics” in the context of the war in Ukraine; Situation in Transnistria/Moldova; EU-Balkan relations; External policies of Kosovo, Serbia and Albania; Human rights and the fight against corruption in Eastern Europe; Energy, nuclear and renewable energy issues in Eastern Europe.

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Svetlana Tsikhanouskaïa went to Luxembourg on May 21, she was invited to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Fifty representatives of NATO member states and Sweden and ten Ukrainian delegates discussed support for Ukraine and preparations for the NATO summit in Vilnius in July. She gave a speech in which she recalled that: “It is a struggle […] against tyranny and Russian imperialism. It is a struggle for a peaceful, free and democratic Europe, to which Belarus rightly belongs.”

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