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Despite optimistic rhetoric from the United States and comments against the findings on the ground, the lack of progress in the Karabakh peace process was raised from the beginning of the month by the Azerbaijani side. Even so, a trilateral meeting between Azerbaijani and Armenian leaders took place in Brussels with Charles Michel in mid-May initiating an agreement on the resumption of rail transport to and through Nakhchivan, a resumption of discussions on border issues and the encouragement of dialogue between the representatives of the Armenian minority of Karabakh and the Baku authorities, an approach strongly criticized by the self-proclaimed authorities of “Artsakh” who remain on extreme positions of self-determination and who seek the reaffirmation of Russia on that question. The statements of the Armenian Prime Minister reaffirming the recognition of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan including on “Nagorno-Karabakh” did not modify the positions of the self-proclaimed authorities of the enclave. On May 25, the Eurasian Economic Council welcomed for the first time and with the agreement of Armenia, the President of Azerbaijan, which gave rise to a tense exchange between the two Caucasian leaders on the subject of the “corridor of the Zangezour” even if Ilham Aliyev specified that it was not about an “encroachment on the territory” of Armenia. The meeting on the sidelines of the summit of the European Political Community in Chisinau made it possible to incidentally highlight the strong persistent Franco-Azerbaijani opposition on this issue and to report on a blockage, proof of which are the exchanges following Iham’s speech Aliyev on May 28 in Lachin: “A peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia is possible if they say: Karabakh is Azerbaijan!“.

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