The month of May in Eastern Europe in a nutshell…

Eastern Europe monitoring team: Séverine Ly, Vladimir Krsmanovic, Olivier HussonClaire Aréthuse, Olga ChekhurskaValérian Cerino, Sarah Wilpotte, Fiona BessioudElisabeth Nagy

The files we follow: Ukrainian domestic policy; EU-Ukraine relations and Ukraine/Russia conflict resolution process; Foreign policy of Belarus, Russian army in Belarus and Belarus-Ukraine relationship; United Transitional Cabinet of Free Belarus and the Belarusian diaspora; Domestic Policy of Belarus and political prisoners; Safe point in Ukraine; Political situation in Crimea and the “Donbass republics” in the context of the war in Ukraine; Situation in Transnistria/ Moldova; EU-Balkan relations; Foreign policies of Kosovo, Serbia and Albania; Human rights and the fight against corruption in Eastern Europe; Energy, nuclear and renewable energy issues in Eastern Europe.

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