South Caucasus Geopolitical Watch – from 7 January to 13 January 2023

07-13/01/2023: Security and humanitarian update in Karabakh and around the Lachin corridor

This week was again marked by the continuation of the controversies around the situation of blockage of the Lachin corridor denounced by the Armenian authorities and by the worsening of the humanitarian situation in the enclave of Karabakh under surveillance of the Russian peacekeeping forces, and for which several local Azerbaijani media (,, continued to ensure daily from 7 January and throughout the week that the convoys of Russian blue helmets and the ICRC were still able to move: 3 new patients would have been transferred on 7 January to Armenia and about thirty military vehicles of the Russian contingent, several of which were tanker trucks, would have crossed the protest zone of pro-government environmental activists on 9 January. Then on 10 January, 3 ICRC vehicles and 20 Russian military vehicles, on 11 January, 43 military vehicles, on 12 January, 29 military vehicles and 7 ICRC vehicles as well as 3 patients transferred from Stepanakert according to the “Ministry of Health of Nagorno-Karabakh”, then on 13 January, 24 military vehicles.

As of 10 January, the “Information Centre of Artsakh” began to publish a daily bulletin on the consequences of

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