Photographic discovery – Nijat Kazimov

Nijat Kazimov, also known as Laika Photography is a photographer based in France and he also works at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. As a passionate photographer, he specializes in street photography, photographic journalism, documentary photos and travel photos.

He had the chance to travel to different countries and cities across Europe and Asia, and he was able to capture unique moments in each of these places. The photos he shares on the EurasiaPeace site come from the cities of Baku, Gandja and Sheki in Azerbaijan, the city of Barcelona in Spain, the city of Prague in the Czech Republic and the city of Paris in France.

Find all the work of the artist on his website: HERE



“Each photo tells a unique story, capturing the most significant moments of city life and local culture. My photographs show great artistic skill and a unique vision, revealing moving, funny and striking scenes. Images of the cities of Baku, Ganja and Sheki in Azerbaijan, for example, give us a glimpse of the architectural beauty and cultural richness of this region”.

“I like to explore human diversity through my photographs, showing portraits of ordinary people and local personalities, expressing their emotions, beliefs and cultures. My photographs are an invaluable contribution to art and culture, reflecting my creative vision and my unique experience as a photographer”.





“The photographs I took in Barcelona, Spain, give us a vivid perspective on daily life in the city, while the photos from Prague, Czech Republic capture the serenity and beauty of this historic city. My documentary and travel photos, on the other hand, offer an intimate and poetic vision of the places I have visited, transporting us through images to distant places”.




“In short, my photographs bear witness to the beauty and diversity of our world. I hope that the public will be able to appreciate the richness and depth of my photographs on the EurasiaPeace site, and that they will bring them as much pleasure and wonder as I had in taking them”.


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