Humanitarian and security update in Karabakh and in the Lachin corridor – Update as of 14/04/23

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As of 14 April, pro-government environmental demonstrations in Azerbaijan have reached their 124th consecutive day of mobilization, still and nevertheless allowing, according to several local media (,,, the passage of Russians peacekeepers vehicles (67 on 08/04, 49 on 09/04, 77 on 11/04, 90 on 12/04, 67 on 13/04) and ICRC vehicles (10 on 08/04, 8 on 10/04, 13 on 11 /04, 6 on 04/12, 6 on 04/13, 6 on 04/14).

The “Artsakh Information Centre established the following balance sheet on 14 April: 1,080 citizens deprived of the possibility of surgery, 305 people transferred to Armenia by the ICRC since 12 December, 10,300 people having lost their jobs, 860 companies having suspended their activity, a fall in GDP of 26%, more than 45,468 tons of basic necessities not delivered since December 12, 20,000 children deprived of “stable conditions for an appropriate education”, 3,900 people including 570 children unable to return to their homes. The bulletin states: “Since the start of the blockade no vehicle belonging to an Artsakh national has been able to use this road. The movement of vehicles from the ICRC or the Russian peacekeeping contingent itself has dropped 46 times in 124 days. Thus, instead of 114,080 vehicles in normal times, only 2,378 vehicles have used the road in both directions since the start of the blockade. These all belong to the ICRC or the Russian peacekeeping forces”.

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