February in Eurasia in a nutshell…

On the agenda this month:

1/European Union: negotiations underway for Finland and Sweden to join NATO, new US weapons delivered to Poland and Germany’s fight against the circumvention of EU sanctions on Russia: is European non-co-belligerence in question?

2/ Eastern Europe: against a backdrop of strengthening Ukraine-NATO ties, Moldova is experiencing a major political crisis with the resignation of the government and tensions with Transnistria, and Belarus is moving even closer to Moscow.

3/ Increased Russian withdrawal from international treaties and continuation of its policy of influence both outside its borders and within its territory.

4/ South Caucasus: the deepening of “Russian-Western” tensions linked to the new alliance policy of Armenia and the polarisation of Georgian political life do not prevent the economic breathing of the Azerbaijan-Georgia axis.

5/ Diplomatic tours and cooperation at the heart of Central Asian countries’ policy

6/ China: Against the backdrop of the Taiwan crisis, Washington accuses Beijing of being too close to Moscow: Chinese and American military manoeuvres in the Pacific and the “Chinese balloon” scandal.

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