European Union Geopolitical Watch : From 31 December 2022 to 6 January 2023

European Union Geopolitical Watch Team: Audrey Moisan, Tristan Jarraud, Yanis Kourrad, Antoine Bézier, Etienne Mathieu

01/01/2023: Sweden takes over the Presidency of the European Union. -Audrey Moisan-

On 1 January this year, the turnover of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union was put in place. It is now Sweden’s turn to hold this position until 30 June. It succeeds the Czech Republic.

According to the Council’s press service, Sweden wishes to focus its presidency on four priorities: security and unity, competitiveness, ecological and energy transitions, and finally democratic values and the rule of law. 

Euronews also stresses that this presidency is taking place in a context of increasing crises which will not make it easy for the Swedish presidency. The media also adds, like Radio France and Euractiv, that this presidency has faced some reservations within the European Union, because of the support of the Swedish Democrats, a far-right party, to the coalition that presides over the council. Especially since this party is Eurosceptic. Swedish Prime Minister, Ulf Kristersson said that this party is not part of the government, and that his government is fundamentally pro-Europe last november.

Sweden, adds France Inter, tends to maintain a distant relationship with Europe, keeping its national currency and making little mention of European issues in its national parliament, which is one of the main concerns currently in Europe according to the media. 

01/01/2023: Switzerland sits for the first time on the UN Security Council. -Etienne Mathieu-

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