What does EurasiaPeace do?

EurasiaPeace – Centre for Reflection and Prospective on Peace in Eurasia –

EurasiaPeace – Centre for Reflection and Prospective on Peace in Eurasia – is the 1st French think tank dedicated to the issues of building peace in the Eurasian space.

His project is to cross various scientific disciplines and different points of view on the international conflicts with the aim of identifying key issues for the discussion on the construction of lasting peace in various post-Soviet geopolitical and cultural areas, in the grip of their surrounding Empires, and  which are close to heart of all the contributors  from whatever horizons they may be.

Research in anthropology, geopolitics, economics, law, history, border studies, political science, peace building are therefore called upon as well as all the experiential knowledges of professionals. They carry out their activities in the sectors of humanitarian aid, crisis management, politics, defense and security, ecology, art and culture, and health. They can also be community and religious leaders, actors from the world of associations and human rights, or journalists driven by the desire to bring their perspective and their analysis of conflicts in order to participate in the emergence or preservation a harmonious future for future generations.

EurasiaPeace also intends to highlight different approaches and actions in terms of the resolution of Eurasian conflicts and to fuel the debate aimed at political decision-makers, citizens, entrepreneurs and “civil societies” by promoting a change in the visions embedded in power relations and particular interests served by conflicting dynamics.

This site is also conceived as a platform for the promotion of students looking for work, young researchers, enthusiasts and professionals destined or already active in the sectors of project management, security, journalism, art and culture, events, audio-visual, or writing, analysis and geopolitical monitoring, education and training, translation and l interpretation, or even cartography. This tool allows them to disseminate their work and ideas, find inspiration, develop their skills and their network, and express all their talents.