South-Caucasus Dialog Platform – Friday, February 4, 2022 – at 18:00 (Tbilisi Time)

Join the South Caucasus Dialog Platform Webinar for an online discussion on the topic: Russia and the West: Implications for the South Caucasus.

  • Russian policy towards Ukraine, Georgia and the West
  • How possible aggression against Ukraine may affect the South Caucasus region?
  • Are Georgia and the region ready for an uprising confrontation?

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Luke Coffey: Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation

Ian Kelly: Former US Ambassador to Georgia and the OSCE

Teona Akoubardia: MP and security expert – Georgia

Ahmad Alili: Director of the Caucasus Policy Analysis Center – Azerbaijan

Richard Giragosian: Director of the  Regional Studies Center – Armenia


Moderator: Egor Kuroptev, Director of the Border Zone Project

The South Caucasus Dialogue Platform format was launched in January 2021 in the aftermath of the Karabakh war to build bridges between regional communities, initiate regional discussions, connect South Caucasus experts and diplomats with their Western colleagues on a monthly basis. The format was launched by Egor Kuroptev in the framework of his own Georgia-based Border Zone media Project.S

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