Enlargement policy and European support for Ukraine – Update as of 07/06/2024

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Recently, the president of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, made a state visit to Germany from 26 to 28 May 2024. During his visit on 28 May, Emmanuel Macron held a press conference alongside the German Chancellor in Meseberg. The speech delivered by the president of the Republic underlined the desire to continue to support Ukraine in its war against Russia, with the aim of restoring peace on European soil. The speech on maintaining peace in Europe was an opportunity for the French president to put a number of crucial issues on the table: strengthening bilateral cooperation on armaments, on the Union of capital markets, and on European competitiveness and growth. 

He was asked by a German journalist whether Western countries were cobelligerent towards Ukraine in the war by allowing it to use Western weapons from its territory to attack Russia. In response, the French president said that Ukraine had the right to use the weapons supplied to it against Russia on its own territory in the name of self-defence: “we think that we must allow them to neutralise the military sites from which the missiles are fired and basically the military sites from which Ukraine is attacked, but we must not allow them to hit other targets in Russia, obviously civilian capabilities or other military targets”.

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