Voices for Peace

EurasiaPeace is convinced of the essential aspect of the exchange between theoretical research and professional practices and of the effectiveness of their intersection and collaboration for the establishment of peace. Here peace is not conceived as the absence of war, that is to say stricto sensu the armed confrontation of human entities for political goals, but first of all as a situation in which a virtuous cycle is embodied governed by the threefold anthropological obligation to “give-receive-return” and alone capable of creating “living together” and social bond, creator of common institutions transmitted through the generations, and for which the protagonists always have more to lose than win by breaking it.

EurasiaPeace therefore intends to focus on the work and very concrete actions of actors of peace intervening in very diverse fields and aiming to re-establish a climate of trust between communities, to build bridges between visions and different cultural representations, to bring an aid in the reconstruction of populations made vulnerable by destructive conflicts, to develop projects that create “commons” for various purposes with parties in post-conflict situations, to reactivate ethical and responsible trade exchanges, to promote human rights, to act as mediation, secure areas of violent confrontations, or any other action relating to the construction of peace.

You therefore have here access to many interviews transcribed or on video, the presentation of many inspiring projects and links to websites and podcasts relaying the initiatives for peace, which do not necessarily see themselves as such but which have retained the attention from EurasiaPeace.